5-7 Apr 2023 Montpellier (France)

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Detecting human and non-human vocal productions in large scale audio recordings
Guillem Bonafos  1@  , Pierre Pudlo, Jean-Marc Freyermuth, Thierry Legou, Joel Fagot, Samuel Tronçon, Arnaud Rey@
1 : Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille
Aix Marseille Université, Ecole Centrale de Marseille, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

We propose an automatic data processing pipeline to extract vocal productions from large-scale natural audio recordings. Through a series of computational steps (windowing, creation of a noise class, data augmentation, re-sampling, transfer learning, Bayesian optimisation), it automatically trains a neural network for detecting various types of natural vocal productions in a noisy data stream without requiring a large sample of labeled data. We test it on two different data sets, one from a group of Guinea baboons recorded from a primate research center and one from human babies recorded at home. The pipeline trains a model on 72 and 77 minutes of labeled audio recordings, with an accuracy of 94.58\% and 99.76\%. It is then used to process 443 and 174 hours of natural continuous recordings and it creates two new databases of 38.8 and 35.2 hours, respectively. We discuss the strengths and limitations of this approach that can be applied to any massive audio recording.

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