Program Location

The school is held at the Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse, 50km north of Ajaccio (Corse).


Photos: P-A Mattei


A shuttle transport will be scheduled on Monday and Friday  (exact times communicated later, adapted to main flights from/to Paris/Marseille/Nice/etc) from and to Ajaccio Airport. It takes 1 hour 1/4 by bus to get to the Institute from Ajaccio.

Sunday, April 3rd:  20h00  (Ajaccio airport)  -> 21h00 (Cargèse)

Friday:  11h45 (Cargèse)  -> 12h45 (Ajaccio Airport)

The shuttle is included in the registration fees. If you come to Cargèse at a different time, it will be done by your own means and will be your responsibility. 


Accommodation is in a single room and costs 370€ for the week (flat fee from synday evening to friday midday - could not be reduced even if the participant does not stay all week long), including: coffee breaks, breakfast and meals each day, the welcome drink on monday and the workshop "local food diner" on thursday.

Note that diners are not included (excepted on thursday): participants have other dinners down town in Cargese' restaurants (20min walk from the institute).

Once your application is validated, more information will be given to accepted participants.

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