The current epidemic of covid-19 is evolving every day, and has led recently to new strict limitation in business travels and meetings for most of us, participants, organisers and speakers. We are sorry to inform you that we are forced, with great regret, to postpone Statlearn'20 until fall. Two alternatives regarding your registration fees are proposed to you: - either you keep your registration for the fall session, even if it means requesting reimbursement later if the choosen date does not suit you, - either you request a reimbursement now: in this case please send us the RIB for the bank transfer Please tell us about your choice:
Dear participant, Please read carefully the message sent recently to school organisers from the director of Cargèse Institute (see below). If you are personnaly concerned, please contact Statlearn organising team : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Colleagues, Schools and conferences that you organize will soon take place in Cargèse. Due to measures taken in order to limit the coronavirus epidemic, we would like to remember you the impossibility of welcoming invited speakers and participants coming from regions identified as « risk areas ». Actually, the countries and regions concerned are : Mainland China, Hong-Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea, and the regions of Lombardy and Veneto in Italy. Consult regulary the web site of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs for updates of this list (information relayed by CNRS and the Universities). Beyond those common sense measures, at the moment there is no reason to consider cancelling the programmed events in Cargèse for the upcoming weeks and months. As a precaution, you can possibly suggest to your participants to get covered by a trip cancellation insurance. But, please don't panic : (i) Corsica isn't a disease outbreak, and (ii) make healthy people brainstorm together, never got anyone sick ! Looking forward to meeting you soon at IESC, Fabrice Mortessagne. Official website :
Monday : 12h00 (Ajaccio airport) Friday: 11h30 (Cargèse, ok for flight to Paris at Ajaccio Airport at 14h05)
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